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Faith Ackerly is known in the haute ton for her pristine manner; so much so, in fact, that they commonly refer to her as the “Ice Princess” in private. Faith doesn’t mind, though, because to her presentation and behavior are indications of an individual’s character.

When Faith has an encounter with notorious rake Gareth Lloyd at her sister’s wedding, she wastes no time in shutting him down and sending him on his way. Months later Gareth reappears as the Marquess of Roth, a title bestowed after the death of an unknown relative that he all but fell into. Faith won’t be fooled by a pretty title, though. She knows Gareth exactly for the cad he is and will have nothing to do with him.

Or will she? When an innocent encounter becomes the ton’s latest gossip, Faith and Gareth have no choice but to marry. From the moment each said “I do”, however, their marriage is fueled with fear, anger, hurt and, most dangerous of all, attraction.

Faith is a novel other romances aspire to become. Humorous, intelligent and with the precise amounts of tension – sexual and hazardous – that draw a reader in and don’t let go. Unlike other romances the character’s misunderstandings are extremely relatable and do not release as much as a whiff of being ridiculous or conjured from a writer’s pen. Clark’s novel shows her to be a novelist on par with the genre’s greatest. Don’t miss this great book, and cross your fingers that the stories of Faith’s adorable sisters receive similar treatment. 

Book Blurb for Faith

It was divinely providential, acknowledged most mamas of the ton, how time could change a man. A mere younger son the year before, a notorious prankster and womanizer, Gareth Lloyd was now the dignified Marquess of Roth. And the sudden possession of such a large fortune made him the catch of the Season.

He was also everything Miss Faith Ackerly despised. To her, a rake and a libertine could no more become a pillar of society than a leopard could change its spots. For a maid as prim as she was pretty, Gareth’s wealth was no more an inducement to wed than his title. Yet those warm brown eyes did not show the soul of a scoundrel. They promised to protect and cherish, to fend off any foe…though they indeed tempted her with the pleasures of the bedroom. No, no act of God could make her desire Gareth. But a leap of faith could lead to true love.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50