Diana by the Moon

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Diana by the Moon

Jewels of Tomorrow

Abused and alone, Diana Aurelius has made herself head of her family's household. Fighting for survival in wake of a brutal attack by enemies, Diana has somehow managed to provide for a full household of women and children. Her efforts have taught her that nobody but herself will ever save her.

One evening, upon her doorstep arrives some of the Celt hero Arthur's men. Led by a man named Alaric they insist on using her household for lodging to set up a warning pyre, they are yet another example of warring men taking what they want, regardless of whom they harm in the process.

This group of men, though, soon proves themselves to be different. Willing to help sustain Diana's villa and providing much necessary protection and care, the household is soon more than willing to include them in their world. Diana, though, remains cautious, knowing exactly what warriors are capable of doing. But still, she remains unable to resist her attraction to Alaric.

Diana by the Moon is yet another wonderful romantic tale by the talented Cooper-Posey. With her dedication and sheer will, Diana is an enthralling and moving character. The threats of Saxons and the tumult of the British isle is depicted with an eye towards truthfulness, and because of that reveals the real threats of what it meant to try to survive in northern Britain. Alaric and Diana's hot and delicious romance exceeds expectations. Another "can't miss" by Cooper-Posey!

Book Blurb for Diana by the Moon

He is Arthur's man. His duty is his life. She fears and mistrusts him. The only way they will survive is to work together.

Britain, 469 A.D.: Shortly after the Roman legions returned to Rome, leaving Britain open to Saxon attacks, Diana's abusive parents die during a Saxon raid on their villa farm, the same day her brother takes most of the male slaves and servants to join the rebel Celt, Arthur.

Diana, who no longer trusts anyone, must find a way for the women in her household to survive after the enemy has stolen everything. They struggle to eke out a living from the meager provisions remaining.

Alaric, proud Celtic warrior and trusted lieutenant to the upstart British leader, Arthur, has been sent by him to establish and maintain a line of signal beacons -- one of which must be built on a strategic hill on Diana's property.

His mission is critical to the security of Britain. Alaric must overcome his hatred of Romans if he is to fulfill Arthur's ambitions in the north. He forces Diana to agree in return for the protection of Alaric and his men. Diana is pulled into a deadly political net, when Roman British enemies, including the Bishop of Eboracum, take exception to her new Celtic allies.

A haunting tale of two lives touched by the coming of King Arthur, and two hearts and souls struggling to come together against odds as great as those against Britain itself. Only together will they survive, or else be sundered...forever.

Diana by the Moon is part of the Jewels of Tomorrow series.

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