Slow and Wet

Dale and Travis used to share everything, including their women. When Travis stops by unexpectedly he gets a glimpse of Dale’s lover, Jill, naked in his kitchen. Travis likes what he sees and decides to convince Dale to share Jill with him. Jill agrees and they spend one evening together showing her the incredible pleasure two men can offer one woman.

Although this book was a quickie the author still managed to portray real emotion across in her writing. I could see Dale’s possessiveness and his willingness to give Jill the pleasure that he and is best friend, Travis, could give her. The writing flowed very well and there was still an adequate amount of character development, considering the length of the novel, and the love scenes were both sexy and believable. Overall, it was a quick and good read that left me wanting to read more about the characters in the story.

Book Blurb for Slow and Wet

Book Length: Quickie

Jillian loves her gorgeous bronc-busting boyfriend, Dale. She just hasn’t told him yet. After a satisfying romp, she walks naked into Dale’s kitchen, shocked to find another hot cowboy. Travis likes what he sees and is eager to take up where he and Dale left off four years earlier—as two men giving one woman the ultimate pleasure.

To please Dale—and herself—Jill agrees. Under the Wyoming summer sky, she yields to the desires of both men. They cover her in her favorite beverage, Dale’s homemade honey-lemonade, and lick every drop from her body. But will this erotic encounter with four strong hands, two delectable mouths and two determined men lead to what Jill ultimately wants—Dale’s love?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.75