Night Garden

Night Garden is a story of intrigue and smuggling. Maggie Andersen is a very descriptive writer that leaves the reader with a great sense of the surroundings in the novel.

Even though I found Laura's character to be quite childish, uninteresting, and her self-proclaimed independence quickly diminishing I finished this novel. I also felt that there was no real chemistry or love between the two main characters, Laura and Nathaniel.  With a faster pace, more chemistry, and a more grown-up heroine I think this story would have played out better.

Book Blurb for Night Garden

Laura Palmer marries the mysterious baron, Lord Nathaniel Lanyon, and goes to live in his ancient home in Cornwall. A dark cloud hovers over Wolfram. The death of Nathaniel’s first wife has never been solved, and some of the villagers believe him responsible. Struggling to understand the distant man she married, Laura tries to uncover the truth. With each stone unturned, she comes closer to danger.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.00