Got a Minute? : 60 Second Erotica

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Got a Minute? : 60 Second Erotica

Got a minute? : 60 Second Erotica has 60 very short erotic encounters that steam up the pages of this book. There is something in this title for every reader, but not every story will be to the taste of every reader (scenes that include voyeurism, BDSM, gay/lesbian encounters). The best part of having a book that has so many hot intimate short stories is that the next sexual escapade is just a page turn away. It is a good book to have nearby if you want a quick read with very hot sex.

Book Blurb for Got a Minute? : 60 Second Erotica

This is Erotic Fiction...not a romance!

“Turn me on in 50 words or less and I’ll follow you home,” writes editor and erotica aficionado Alison Tyler about her collection Got a Minute? When it comes to a breathless, clothes-in-a-heap romp or a naughty tease before the elevator doors slide open, who hasn't fantasized about quickies? Readers join in the fun when the lovers in Marie Potoczny’s “The Other Side of Sleep” revel in the delicious pause between sleep and waking. Sharon Wachsler’s “Perfect” is a love story that happens to include ropes, rough play, and butterfly pillows. Proving that a slow hand is not always better, these intense encounters deliver scintillating thrills in as little as 75 words. Fast and ferocious, the 60 short and spicy stories in Got a Minute? rev readers’ motors and leave them aching for more. When it comes to hot sex, who doesn’t have a minute?


Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00