Embrace Forever

I thought this book had great promise. It was a new and interesting story that I have never read before and I enjoyed the first half of the book. There was tension and the build up for a great conflict, but about half way through, for me, the book started to lose its edge and I started to lose interest.

I was looking for more character development and more background on some of the characters. I also felt that the realization of love was a little rushed. I know love can happen quickly, but in this story I felt like it was a little unrealistic. I do give applause to B.J. McCall for the interesting fantasy world that she created for this story and her intimate scenes were hot and inventive.

Book Blurb for Embrace Forever

Book Length: Novella
Sentenced to death, Jastra is transported to Draco, the vampire planet, as part of a food for protection program. Vampire warriors destroy the asteroids threatening Tariz and the condemned provide nourishment and pleasure. As a sex slave, Jastra has known a life of opulence. Jastra’s new master, Dauthus, offers a life devoid of luxury but the pleasure is to die for.
As commander of the vampire warriors, Dauthus faces many demands and confrontations, but falling in love is the ultimate challenge.
Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Things That Go Bump in the Night V anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.00