Two Hearts, One Stone

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Two Hearts, One Stone

Ah, this was a sweet quick romantic read where the cowboy horse trainer falls in love with a pediatrician. How these two came together was rather cute.

Stone Dempsy is left a sick baby by his drug-addict sister. It’s a huge responsibility for a man whose just not ready for that lifestyle. He hopes that Dr. Emmersyn Cole will help him out of this tight situation.

The author pulls readers in with the situation and the baby. Plus she gives readers some steamy sexual chemistry. We also get two very interesting characters and a nice setting.

This is definitely one of those reads where the cowboy will be brought to his knees. I enjoyed this read that showed Stone's past and Emmersyn's insecurities. Readers get to see their lives come full course and how quickly one’s life can change for the good.

Book Blurb for Two Hearts, One Stone

Horse trainer Stone Dempsey’s life is all about the ride—with horses and women. He uses his equine talents to impress the country club set and earn money for Smoky Mountain Reining Horses. When his drug-addicted sister deposits her sick baby on his doorstep, he’s suddenly saddled with real responsibility.

Dr. Emmersyn Cole’s goal of starting a practice in her favorite place on earth is finally coming to fruition and she is not going to be sidetracked. Everything is going great until Stone swaggers into her life, half-dressed with a smile that could melt her insides. She's determined to keep her distance…until he rushes into her grandfather’s home, clutching a feverish baby, terrified and vulnerable, and her heart’s hard shell begins to crack.

In only a few short weeks, Stone’s wayward heart suddenly relies on two women—one who needs him—and one that he might not be able to live without.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2019 4.00