The Work Wife

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The Work Wife

An on the Job Romance, #3

I liked "The Work Wife" from the start to the end. Readers are in for their HEA as Jamie and Wes do professing their love to each other. However, as this story starts with them being best friends for the past five years there will be some twists and turns before things finally become real to them. First it start out as an "arrangement".

I liked how author Allison B. Hanson gives the reader a story where there was truly no history other than being friends due to working together. Yes, Wes did find Jamie attractive but it never had gone anywhere other than just friendship. So, for these two there was no love in the beginning. But as this story moves along and the story picks up there will soon be changes with these two. It was after getting married that these two start to care for each other more.

I liked the traveling in this story. We get a snowy Boston winter and a warm Virginia. Plus I can't forget the trip they took to Jamaica (which was job related) where there was a lots of hot chemistry taking place between these two. I also enjoyed how both of their families were brought into the story, which did explain what went on toward the end of the read. So as the plot is set we get a little bit from West and Jamie's story. This is book three in the An on the Job Romance series. All in all the reader is given quite an interesting read as each part of the story comes together.

Be ready for an interesting story that will bring in some twists, secrets and lies. This is a good, fun contemporary romance read.

Book Blurb for The Work Wife

From boardroom to bedroom…

Jamie Witmer recognizes a good thing when she sees it, whether it’s the elegant buildings she helps design, or her effortless working relationship with her partner, Weston Archer. But being the top team at their Boston firm doesn’t get Jamie and Wes invited to the couples-only bonding retreats and deluxe marital getaways. So Jamie has an idea—she and Wes will become married friends with (company) benefits…

Wes has been attracted to Jamie since she walked into his life five years ago, and her crazy plan has opened up all kinds of new possibilities. Fake marriage leads to even closer contact. Contact leads to temptation. And when they finally act on all that heat, the passion is more intense than even Wes could have imagined…

They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But now that their friendship is irrevocably changed, it might be time for something even sweeter to begin…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 5.00