The Widow Waltz

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The Widow Waltz

What I liked from the read....

"The Widow Waltz" is an intricate story that had many twist and turns that you may find hard to believe...but maybe not. I will say this story really takes the cake and icing when all is said and done...and that the ending left me saying WOW. I was really caught up in this story until that ending? This novel was a fast paced read for me. I couldn't put it down once I had started reading its pages.

Between the pages is a story that weaves into many lives. The lives intermingle and discoveries come to light. In the process of it all the author deliciously creates a presentation. I liked how the author was able to give us a good read about how Georgia was able to deal with her unexpected circumstances in life. There were quite the family dynamics, which involved the widow (Georgia), two daughters (Luey & Cola), a brother (Stephen) and more. The heroine along with her daughters had to learn to reevaluate the life they had lived and enjoyed. Things are changing. I liked the interchange between the daughters because I felt it was real.

Be ready for some side stories in the rich tale as Georgia’s life crumbles. You have stories surrounding a ring, stolen necklaces, French chefs, rock stars and dog watching. It’s all coming to an emotional roll coaster peak as Georgia finds that she really didn't need her husband to feel useful and or productive. Thank God for that assurance!

I even liked more about this story that that.

When all is said and done this could be any women who suddenly loses her husband. Getting caught having to deal with something like this can really give us something to think about.

In the end "The Widow Waltz" showed that change is possible for one through loving and healing.

This book gave me a lot to wonder about.

I won't spoil the ending for you, but it left me saying WOW!

Was the story believable? Somewhat. It is fiction and takes liberties in that vein.

Book Blurb for The Widow Waltz

Georgia Waltz has things many people only dream of: a plush Manhattan apartment overlooking Central Park, a Hamptons beach house, valuable jewels and art, two bright daughters, and a husband she adores, even after decades of marriage. It’s only when Ben suddenly drops dead from a massive coronary while training for the New York City Marathon that Georgia discovers her husband?a successful lawyer?has left them nearly penniless. Their wonderland was built on lies.

As the family attorney scours emptied bank accounts, Georgia must not only look for a way to support her family, she needs to face the revelation that Ben was not the perfect husband he appeared to be, just as her daughters?now ensconced back at home with secrets of their own?have to accept that they may not be returning to their lives in Paris and at Stanford subsidized by the Bank of Mom and Dad. As she uncovers hidden resilience, Georgia’s sudden midlife shift forces her to consider who she is and what she truly values. That Georgia may also find new love in the land of Spanx and stretch marks surprises everyone?most of all, her.

Sally Koslow’s fourth novel is deftly told through the alternating viewpoints of her remarkable female protagonists as they plumb for the grit required to reinvent their lives. Inspiring, funny, and deeply satisfying, The Widow Waltz explores in a profound way the bonds between mothers and daughters, belligerent siblings, skittish lovers, and bitter rivals as they discover the power of forgiveness, and healing, all while asking, ?What is family, really?”

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00