Sword and Shield

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Sword and Shield

The Legends of Aewyr Book 2

I enjoyed reading “Sword and Shield”. The author really knows how to hold your attention with all that is going on. This book is perfect for those seeing a young adult fantasy series with loads of depth and unexpected plot twists.

This is the second title in The Legends of Aewyr series. It all started in “Flame in the Night” and this second book continues the tale.

There are a lot of characters that keep you turning the pages. Lakyn, Reuel, Nolan, Adofe, Petrine, Giselle, Kollin, Finn, Galen and more will keep you wanting to know more.

The world has gone mad and things are not at all what they seem. Characters will have their beliefs challenged and secrets will come out. How will Lakyn take it when she is announced to be the “Bright One” of prophecy? She is to be the savior who will save them all. What will happen when Lakyn discovers her true identity? You will really have to keep up with this story because there will be so much going on!

The world is changing and Lakyn will discover the truth.

Between the pages of this book you have suspense, romance and loads of emotion. By the end you will be seeking book three in The Legends of Aewyr series.

Book Blurb for Sword and Shield

Lakyn has foiled Xarkuhl's attempt to kidnap the young Catalan prince. Now, she and all of Ceredwyn wait with bated breath, knowing the right hand of Maal, the dark god of Hael, prepares his assault on the continent of Perravia.

Lakyn and Reuel draw closer, but the waiting game wears on her. Tensions swell, and Lakyn chafes at being caged, but Reuel and Nolan fear the lengths to which Xarkuhl will go to neutralize her, and they refuse to allow her outside the city of Kaelin without an immortal guard. While she grapples for independence in a world gone mad, Lakyn discovers things are not always what they seem. Deceptions mount, and her core beliefs are shattered when she finds a secret religious text hidden in the chapel of Kaelin Castle. If its teachings are correct, Maal and The Three, the gods worshipped by Aewyr, aren't gods at all but archons of Elyon, The Most High, and Aewyr has been led horribly astray. Lakyn reels from her discovery and struggles to reconcile fact from fabrication. She's rocked further when Reuel suggests she's the Bright One of prophecy—the savior who will save them all.

As Lakyn discovers more about her true identity, she meets resistance from the one she trusts most. When Maal's forces make their move, truth becomes stranger than fiction, enemies become allies, and Lakyn's world will never be the same.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 5.00