Somebody Like You

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Somebody Like You

A Darling, VT Novel, #1

“Somebody Like You” is an interesting read. We get to learn why Laurel Stone has returned home to Darling, Vermont. She needs to heel now that she’s divorced. She’s determined to make a go of it with her business The Ladybug Garden Center. However, she would like to avoid Aiden Gallagher. He happens to be the local town cop. Back in High School something happened between these two. In “Somebody Like You” the author is able to give these two a very cute story.

Laurel needs some help when her place is vandalized. Someone has sprays painted on her fence and stole the cash register. EEEEK…I guess Aiden will have to be brought in to help with her problem.

Soon things heat up. The town council wants them to recreate a kiss so they can retake a childhood photo. The original was from when they were five years old and kissed as children on The Kissing Bridge. Legend holds that those who kiss there will be together forever. Will this be the push that is needed to get these two on the same playing field?

Now, what is up when Laurel's ex? He wants her to come to his wedding and supply the flowers and plants for their back yard? Is this guy for real?

Many questions are put to the reader. Will Laurel and Aiden be able to get passed all of this and start all over again? They may have something. To get all of these answers you will have to pick up this good read.

I found the characters, Laurel, Aiden, George, Willow, and Rory all well developed. They were entertaining, quirky, likable and real. Their believability gave this story breath. Add in the interesting twists and you have a winner. I liked how this author showed the growth of both Laurel and Aiden.

This is the start to a promising new series. It’s the Darling, VT series. It will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next. By the end you will be reaching for book two. Expect to get passion, family, friendships and a wonderful community vibe from this story.

The author gives the reader quite a mesmerizing second chance romance. In the end will Laurel and Aiden get their HEA? Well, yes. The author delivers on that promise and leaves you with a smile on your face.

Book Blurb for Somebody Like You

A kiss to last a lifetime

Aiden Gallagher was only five years old when he appeared in a photograph on the Kissing Bridge. The town of Darling, Vermont, has used Aiden’s image on the famed bridge—local legend has it that a kiss there results in everlasting love—as part of its tourism campaign. Now, twenty years later, Aiden is asked to recreate the moment with the woman he once kissed: Laurel Stone.

Recently divorced, there’s nothing Laurel wants less than to pretend happily-ever-after with Aiden. As teenagers, their romance was no fairy tale—and Laurel has never quite forgiven Aiden for breaking her heart. But now that she is back in her hometown, and keeps bumping into police officer Aiden, Laurel can’t deny that there’s still a strong flicker between her and her old flame. Could it be that the Kissing Bridge is working its magic on Laurel and Aiden—and that all true love ever needed was a second chance?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00