So Much a Part of You

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So Much a Part of You

This author presents to the reader a collection of tales where the stories will connect to one another in one way or another. I will say I did have a little trouble understanding some parts of this novel's connection however, before I had finished reading the novel I was able to understand and see its connection.

Most of these stories took place around the 1980's, during the depression era when we found life somewhat much simpler, and then it weaves on to the present time. The stories were well written as the author gave us a story of Peter who had quite a moral issue with two women that loved him. All the way through, these three will explore relationships, loyalty, families and even love. I found it interesting how this author was able to give the reader stories that wove the past and present together as they are interconnected together giving the reader a look at their emotional, physical and psychological lives.

As you read from each short story, you will see how the characters are well presented and have been woven into the very next story, which was very well done by the author. Be ready for a collection of stories that are linked together that will have a little bit of it all - from some tragedies; accidents, grief, and anxiety, to one night stands, friendships, alcoholism, and even an abortion.

Now, will all these stories be something you can identify with in your life? Well, you will have to pick up this collection to see. It will be an interesting read that may still leave you wondering.

Book Blurb for So Much a Part of You

Two young women who've dated the same man navigate love, destiny, loss, and choice in this powerful debut.

Anna Riley and Anne Cavanaugh have had a lover in common, but it's not until a pivotal moment in one of their lives that their paths unforgettably converge. "Beautiful and connected in unexpected ways...." (Jodi Angel), the linked stories in So Much a Part of You "read like whispered secrets." (Scott Nadelson)

Peter Herring was the center of Anne's universe in college, and now, a few years later, he's become the center of Anna's, and merely a minor player in his ex-girlfriend's world. That is, until Peter and Anna are invited into Anne's parents' home to visit with her dying mother, and he finds himself drawn back into her orbit. Years later, when her own mother is dying, Anna will find herself yearning to reach out to Anne, with whom she had shared such a brief but intimate bond, and find solace in that moment from long ago.

Perspective evolves with time, and so with time, what Peter means to each woman-as lover, as friend, as connection to the past-also evolves. Through exploring Anne's and Anna's ties to Peter and unfolding the narratives of the people who weave meaningfully in and out of their lives, Polly Dugan reveals the power of family secrets, the ripple effects of her characters' emotional choices, and how poignantly their intertwined relationships shape who they are and how they love.

Possessing that rare ability to write the sweep of emotion with tenderness, Polly Dugan invites readers to witness the moments that define her characters-the moments that come back full circle to comfort or haunt them, or both. So Much a Part of You will break your heart and still have you asking for more.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.00