Rock God

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Rock God

Hearts of Metal Book 3

Brookly Ann continues her Hearts of Metal series with “Rock God”. This is book three is this series I’ve come to love.

This story focuses on Dante Diety and Shayna Jones [Gray]!

This story is well written and has some interesting characters. With every page I wanted to know more about them and their situation.

Dante was quite the helper and Shaya was greatly in the need of help. It was so sweet… but Brooklyn didn’t forget to include the heat she’s known for. Dante is both protective and assertive. It was good finally seeing Shayna standing up for herself, especially with a horrible ex-husband who was a major jerk. I only wish she could have gotten a better grip on that mother of hers.

If you like a story full of drama, angst, sweetness, passion and inspiration you will want to read this story and series. It’s filled with sexy metal musicians as a cherry on top.

Book Blurb for Rock God

Fleeing tragedy and infidelity, twenty-five-year-old Shayna Jones takes the longest walk of her life—which ends with her in the protective and possessive arms ofheavy metal music’s hottest commodity, Dante Deity.


Dante Deity is revered by everyone who knows anything about heavy metal music, and he’s respected by everyone else. Rich, handsome, and successful, he has a voice like velvet-wrapped lightning and an ability to juggle numerous philanthropic ventures and still crank out hits. When he’s on tour, music is his life. When he’s taking a break, he’s thinking about his next tour—or working on a project that helps him forget he’s alone. In front of him lies his next endeavor.


Shayna Jones is fleeing her past. Tragedy, infidelity, heartbreak: the twenty-five year old has suffered it all. She was strong enough to run, however, like a spunky heroine from one of her novels, and soon she’ll be flying...just as soon as she can walk again. But this time she has help. Unlike her abusive ex-husband or her bullying mother, the man standing before her is determined she succeed. In fact, Dante commands it. But while his intensity and generosity can easily win her heart, to gain her trust a man must first prove she’s something worth worshipping. Even—or especially—a rock god.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.00