Operation Phoenix

Nova Force Book 1

“Operation Phoenix” is an interesting story that deals with Lieutenant Trinity West and Commander Dax Rossi. They have known each other for many years. But after the death of Trinity's brother (Travis) ten years earlier things had greatly changed for her and definitely how she felt toward Dax… her brother's best friend. Why was this?

Trinity and Dax are now thrown together because her base is being investigated. It’s a cold case for thefts that had happened years ago from the “Vault of the Fallen”. Now Commander Dax and his team of the Nova Force are there to solve this problem. With Trinity and Dax having had a history together, one that didn't end well, how will all of this come out? There are secrets from their pasts. Those start to come out along with what has gone on with the thefts on the base. Will these two be able to find their happiness as lots of secrets and mysteries come out?

Author Susan Hayes did a wonderful job at letting the reader into Trinity and Dax's complicated past. It was sweet from their young love, but then came the broken hearts and then a death that pulled them apart. Now, that they are having to work together will these two be able to mend their relationship in this second chance at love romance? Is learning to trust again while all heck is going on around them possible?

I loved the characters who were all so well developed. They had outstanding interactions. It was all so believable! Readers are given an emotional, suspenseful and mysterious science fiction romance. And I must also mention the wonderful action scenes! They were phenomenal and moved the story forward. All of this is going on while the reader is still wondering whodunit. In the end will we figure out who stole the DNA of the Fallen? Will Trinity and Dax get their second chance at an HEA? To find out you will just have to pick up this awesomely good science-fiction read.

Book Blurb for Operation Phoenix

He’s guarding the galaxy. She’s guarding her heart.

Nova Force - an elite team of soldiers whose mission is to maintain the power balance between the galaxy’s governments and the formidable corporations. Their commander, Dax Rossi lives by one rule: mission first. That code holds until a new case and an old flame put his rule to the test.

Lieutenant Trinity West wants answers. Someone’s been stealing DNA from her top-secret research base, and she wants to know who, and how. Her investigation into the thefts is cut short by the arrival of Nova Force and Dax Rossi—the only man to ever break her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 5.00