Once Upon a Highland Christmas

"Once Upon a Highland Christmas" by Sue-Ellen Welfonder is a very sweet Scottish Historical Romance novella which introduces the first book in this Scandalous Scots series. This is the story of Breena O'Doherty and Grim Mackintosh during the season of Christmas. Ms. Welfonder gives the readers a quick and fast paced read that once you start reading it you will be hard to put it down until the end. We find this story is all about helping a friend Archibald MacNab bring happiness back to Duncreaq Castle. This is when Grim and Breena teamed up to bring back this festive atmosphere...by doing something magical. However, who knew that Breena and Grim would be the ones who find such passion as they are able to find a 'true friendship' of love for each other. The characters are all so very well developed, colorful as well as likable with Grim being such a kindhearted person and Breena a beautiful Irish lady.

This author did a wonderful job with her descriptions of the surrounding of the said areas making it seem as if you were there.

If you like Christmas romances that is full of romance and a sexy Highlanders. You have come to the right place for Once Upon a Highland Christmas will be the read for you. Truly Grim and Breena bring back Christmas to Duncreaq Castle with a little help of the mistletoe. Do I recommend? Yes!

Book Blurb for Once Upon a Highland Christmas

Warrior Grim Mackintosh understands why his friend Archibald MacNab has decreed there be no trace of Christmas in his castle. After a devastating attack destroyed everything-and everyone-in Archie's life, he prefers to stew in his own misery until the holiday passes. But Duncreag has seen enough tragedy. Grim decides to throw a grand Yuletide feast, one that the bards will sing about for years to come, one that will remind his laird how beloved he is. He can't do it alone, though. Grim needs an accomplice . . .

There's nothing Breena O'Doherty won't do for Archie, so she's thrilled to help Grim with his plan. Yet she has a Christmas wish all her own-to win Grim's heart-and this might be her only chance to make it come true. As Breena and Grim work together to bring the joy of the season to the cold, gloomy castle and to the heart of the cantankerous chieftain, an undeniable passion ignites between them. But when a shocking secret about Breena's past comes to light, threatening everything she holds dear, will it ruin Christmas in Duncreag forevermore?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00