Once Tasted

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Once Tasted

A Silver Creek Novel, #2

Once Tasted is the second title in the Silver Creek series. This story is about Mia Bodell and Reid Knowles. They have a love hate relationship. I found this read very heart touching and I was even caught laughing at some of the humor (especially about that 'black eye') as I turned the pages. I loved the storyline. It got my bit of romance and suspense. The characters were the heroes of this book. Not only were the main characters well developed and colorful, but they were also believable. The secondary characters were also very richly developed as they seemed to come alive as I was reading. I love how this author was able to produce such good descriptions of her characters and the vineyard. I could taste the wine as if I was there with them.

I’m not wanting to give away spoilers. So I will say that I did liked how this author was able to get these two together. She delivered a well written script that presents us with a story of twist and turns, some drama and family issues. This is where I say you must pick up "Once Tasted" to see for yourself.

What I also liked from the read....

I loved how this author was able to show the reader how one person can destroy your life and livelihood…but only if you let them.

My first impression

What bothered me somewhat about this novel was the way the heroine saw herself. She had a fragile ego and didn't see her own worth and beauty. She dealt with self-esteem problems, a wounded heart and trust issues. My oh my. However she does grow and things change.

I also didn’t like Uncle Thomas and Aunt Ellen's son Jay. I won't say anymore ....you will just have to read for yourself ....why? But in the end...

Overall Impression of "Once Tasted"

Overall, "Once Tasted" was a very good read with a good mixture of cowboy, wine and romance. I also enjoyed the first in the series, Once Tempted, and I’m looking forward to the next in the series. That’s going to be Quinn's story!

Book Blurb for Once Tasted

Three siblings, an extraordinary family, a lasting heritage—in the irresistible Silver Creek Ranch trilogy, they’ll fight for the land and the people they love.

Everything has come easily to Reid Knowles, the middle son of a California ranching family. But his charmed life is suddenly complicated when his good friend and neighbor asks him to help run the winery next door. His neighbor’s niece, Mia Bodell, is in charge—and she has made it clear that she’d rather be roped to a steer than to Reid Knowles. Never one to back down from a challenge, Reid vows to win her trust.

Her life marked by loss, Mia knows that nothing comes easily—love included. In high school, her heart was crushed by Reid, and even though years have passed, the hurt lingers. Mia is achingly aware that the teen heartthrob has matured into a devastatingly handsome playboy, and the budding winemaker refuses to let down her guard. But one taste of unbridled passion changes things. From Reid’s first intoxicating kiss to his unexpectedly tender seduction, Mia is swept into a passionate affair that could tear her heart to pieces . . . or give her everything she has ever wanted.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 4.50