Metal and Mistletoe

Hearts of Metal Book 4

“Metal and Mistletoe” released in 2016, but it’s perfect for any Christmas season. It’s time to get cozy with a warm cup of coco and this sweet and sexy heavy metal romance.

As I’ve mentioned in other reviews of the Hearts of Metal series, I’ve fell in love with this series. Luckily Brooklyn Ann has so many stories in this series.

This story has us following the lives of Curt Scrimm and Dezra Hopkins. They have both been involved deeply in metal music. They’re also recovering addicts who met in rehab. They’re working to stay sober while also finding out where their careers are going.

I loved how author Brooklyn Ann put these two together. They are on a wonderful retreat in Yellowstone National Park. It’s set during Christmas. We also get a woman of color into this story.

You might say Curt and Dezra are two opposites in the way they were raised, but when it comes down to it I would say these two were made for each other. Even though their music was of a different genre. However, their music will draw them together.

This story is about these two-finding redemption and comfort in each other. I loved how this story brings in many characters from the former books in the series. That helps tie this story together so well. Plus, we find out what had happened with Curtis before rehab. This was indeed a beautiful read.

Go into this book knowing it’s a story of addiction, recovery, metal music and in the end a beautiful love story.

Book Blurb for Metal and Mistletoe

Fighting the darkness of their pasts, talented heavy metal musicians Curtis Scrimm and Dezra Hopkins seek holiday solitude but find each other.


Curtis Scrimm and Dezra Hopkins have lived both the highs and the lows of life—literally. They’ve both known the joy of performing to hordes of screaming fans and the horror of betraying all that they love and admire. They’ve both just gotten out of rehab.

But things are always darkest before the dawn, and with this Christmas comes redemption. It arrives in an unlikely place, in the solitary and deadly beauty of Yellowstone Park. It comes in the form of desperation and unquenchable desire, though things are never so black and white. The spark is a good bass line, the hottest lick from an electric guitar, and a primalistic roar like a furious lioness, and it will ignite an inferno of inspiration that both had been seeking. But that flame needs to be fanned. Curt and Dezra can nurture it with each other. Then they’ll need to find enough trust to make it burn forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 5.00