Losing Time

Knights in Time Book 5

The Knights in Time series is quite interesting. “Losing Time” is book five and we find Dr. Felicia Wycliff chasing after her dog. She ends up tumbling into a new time and into the hands of Sir Harry Quarels and his guards. She soon finds herself at a castle and in the middle of Wlysian Fields, 1359. It’s a medieval castles crisis. Trying to explain that she’s not in the right time is pretty tough for Felicia.

Readers are in for an entertaining and romantic time-travel romance book. The historical background provided added some enlightenment to the story. I liked how author Chris Karlsen brought Sir Harry and Felicia together. The lovable characters and humorous banter made this story a five start read.

I won’t tell you if Felicia stays with Harry in 1359 or if they end up together in 2018. The fun is in finding out for yourselves.

Fans of time-travel romance books need to read this series. I highly recommend the time slip romance novel, “Losing Time”.

Book Blurb for Losing Time

Can love survive the wrong time and place?

Felicia Wycliff's peaceful stroll through the woods turned to disaster when her dachshund bolted after a rabbit. One minute Felicia was running after the determined little dog, the next she was hurled to the ground. Gathering her wits after her tumble, she brushed herself off and continued her pursuit—-right into three mounted knights who blocked her path.

They were so authentic looking. They might've stepped from the keep of the nearby castle, Elysian Fields. But the old Norman fortress was a ruin and had been for three hundred years.

"Seize her," the middle knight ordered, the knight who sat tallest in the saddle.

"Let me go." She fought, striking out when the two knights grabbed her. "Who the deuce are you?"

"I'm the Captain of the Baron's Guard, and you are trespassing."

Kidnapped, her confusion and fear consumed her. But when they rode through the gates of Elysian Fields, the castle looking as formidable as the date it was built, her terror exploded.

When she fell she knew exactly where she was. But where the devil had she landed?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 5.00