Just One Wish

"Just One Wish" by The Roses of Prose authors has wonderful stories from nine different authors. We get nine holiday short novellas that will truly leave you wanting more. All are very short reads that will leave you thinking of the stories long after you finish.

We start with....

1. A Tropical Holiday where you will find Yuma Camry wanting

"Peace." Will she get it?

2. A Very Special Holiday where Annabelle Wilson just wanted to spend the day Alone. Will she be able to get her wish?

3. A Visit From Santa ...would Jayme get a visit from Santa?

4. Christmas in Vegas...What did Roxanne get besides snow in her new place?

5. Going Home...would Lacey Chandler arrive safely from an aircraft ride to Denver?

6. If Wishes Were Fishes...Marlee wanted Ben Home for Christmas...will he appear?

7. Mistletoe Wish...Why did Katherine Graves want to be fast forward through this 'damn holiday?'

8. The Penguin Killer...Did Vanessa Baker really want her next door neighbor to drop dead? ***This one was my favorite read and it's so funny!***

9. Wishes Granted, Wishes Denied...a holiday that Hanny had been denied until now...

I enjoyed the entire collection from all of the prose writers. You will find in each short story there could be a wish that will make this person happy. These nine short reads were really neat especially with the holiday coming upon us, however, they are good reads anytime. Do I recommend this book…especially for the holiday? YES!

They are lovely reads and some will even put a smile on your face.

Book Blurb for Just One Wish

A book of unique, holiday stories from the authors at The Roses of Prose.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00