Independently Wealthy

This was a well delivered and intriguing novel of Savannah's search for the many unanswered questions of her father's death. "Independently Wealthy" is the sequel to this author first novel of 'New Money' and I did find some of the characters from it in this second novel.

It was quite a story of Savannah who learns about her father, after his death, along with learning that this Edward Stone had been a billionaire media mogul leaving her his fortune. However, with learning all of this her father had also left some stipulations in his will and that was that Savannah would have to move from South Carolina to Manhattan, N.Y to work at his new corporation. Now, why was this? Well, I liked this idea...because there were two other half siblings involved in all of this.

After arriving in N.Y. Savannah begins to love the idea that she is now rich but also finding herself wanting answers to what had happened surrounding her father's death. I liked how she set out to find the answers of this car accident that had taken her father's life. I also liked all of the twists and turns that were brought about from the half-brother Ned, and it was interesting seeing them playing detective to solve this mystery as it seems that this did becomes Savannah's obsession. This author presents this relationship so that it will come about that Savannah, Caroline and Ned will grow and develop through the story. It was of great interest to how well Savannah wanted to find justice for the father she had never even met, as questions will be answered from the story.

Be ready for a story which will be suspenseful; as it goes into some scandalous cases, many enemies come forth, murder, to affairs, to a few other issues, and many other surprises in this read. This is definitely one of those reads that you will find hard to put down because there will be so much going on that the readers’ attention will easily stay very focused on just what will happen next. I found the characters were pretty well developed, engaging, well portrayed, and somewhat believable where the author was able to bring out to the reader by the end of the read just how and why they were the way they were. This author was definitely able to give the reader enough conflict in all that was going on in this story to keep your interest and make it seem like it was a real story that could have happened.

The story setting will start in South Carolina, move on to New York, and to D.C.

"Independently Wealthy" is a contemporary read that was a little long but it was fast paced, realistic, with some humor, drama, mystery, intrigue and even some romance, In the end I am left saying that I would I recommend it as a enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Independently Wealthy

In the sequel to New Money, Savannah Morgan delves into the mystery of her late media-mogul father's death and uncovers more than she ever expected. 

In New Money, Savannah Morgan was thrust into high-society New York when she learned she was the sole heir to her father's billion-dollar fortune. In Independently Wealthy, she is living her dream life on the Upper West Side, excelling at her job as an editorial assistant, and enjoying her handsome new boyfriend, Alex.  

Everything in Savannah's life should be perfect--but she can't ignore the questions and scandal surrounding her father's fatal accident. Her hopes of solving this mystery are shared by Caroline Stone--her newfound sister who is slowly becoming a friend. Savannah decides to investigate, although not everyone wants her to discover the truth. Her domineering older brother, Ned, has his own problems, including a lingering regret over his recent divorce, the constant pressure of running the Stone media empire, and managing a playboy bachelorhood. As Savannah's quest for justice becomes complicated and dangerous, she is led to Washington, D.C., an alluring stranger, and more surprises, trouble, and changes than she ever could have imagined.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2015 4.50