Her Convenient Husband's Return

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Her Convenient Husband's Return

Regency historical romance fans are in for a wonderful tale in “Her Convenient Husband's Return”

This story involves two wonderful people...Beth and Rendell. I enjoyed getting to know these two characters. Beth has agreed to marry Ren… her best friend. She has debts after the death of her father. However, these two aren’t looking at this marriage as a love match. Once married Ren returns to his old way of life back in London… away from his wife. Beth is left behind on the Graham country estate. I’ve not mentioned yet that Beth is blind.

Readers are in for lots of twist and turns for Ren. He will have to return to the Graham estate. This is a chance for Rend and Beth to become even more entangled with each other. Will they be able to work out a lots of issues? Not everything is as it seems and these two are being kept apart. As the drama unfolds you will be flipping the pages of this romance.

This story has some interesting secondary characters, especially Ren's strange mother. They added to the tapestry of this tale. Readers get an intriguing story including a handicap and the will to endure all the circumstances surrounding that. Eleanor Webster presented it very well and in a historic setting.

Here is a little taste of how things go. Ren is speaking to Beth....

"I need you to listen. I won't agree to an annulment because I love you and I love being married to you. I love everything about you. I love your spirit. I love your independence, I love your moments of anxiety and the strength it takes you to overcome those moments. I love that you think about things differently."

Well, this is where I say you will have to pick up "Her Convenient Husband's Return”.

Eleanor Webster gives historical romance readers one beautiful romantic read.

Book Blurb for Her Convenient Husband's Return

Her husband is back!

And everything has changed…

After Beth married her childhood friend to escape from debt, he swiftly returned to his life in London. But now Ren’s back as lord of the estate, and Beth’s heart pounds whenever he is near! She’s wary of expectations to produce an heir, for fear of passing on her blindness. But Ren’s hidden sensitivity is a surprise—could their arrangement become something much more passionate?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2018 4.00