Greener Grasses

Julie B. Cosgrove’s Greener Grasses was some read. I loved how Cosgrove presents this story to the readers. I found this book to be an interesting read as Cosgrove gives us two families that must work together whether they want to or not. She also includes some humor throughout the book, which helps the story. I loved how Erin and Ellen’s husbands, John and Robert, were drawn into their spouses’ situation. From the funeral to the end, this will be one powerful but meaningful journey for Erin and Ellen. It seems like even the children within the story including Travis, Austin, Brittany, Elena and Jade are drawn into the plot and come out in a more positive light. At the end, the sisters discover a new revelation that may surprise you. Expect to have some Christian aspects in this read as well. I will stop and say—pick up Greener Grasses to experience how Cosgrove’s well-written words are presented to the readers. I highly recommend.

Two sisters, which are twins, simply did not get along with each other any longer than three hours. After their mother dies, the will states a final request that the sisters must fulfill in order to receive their inheritance, which presents a huge conflict for the siblings. Will they be able to do it? What will happen in the end for these two sisters and their families?

(5 stars)

Book Blurb for Greener Grasses

Twin sisters, Erin and Ellen, covet each other’s lives and husbands. Their festered envy has not only kept them at arm’s length for almost two decades, it has placed both on a precipice of divorce— something they’d never admit to each other.

Yet after two weeks together with their spouses, as they sort through their mother’s belongings following her funeral, they discover the flaws in their sibling’s “grass-greener” lives. But will that revelation help each sister appreciate her own husband and lifestyle as truly according to God’s plan? Or is it too late for a change of heart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00