From Fake to Forever

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From Fake to Forever

Newlywed Games

Wow, this was quite a read. From Fake to Forever is about two people, Meredith and Jason, who came together after meeting in Vegas. They decided to have a 'pretend' wedding after much tequila and sex. Knowing that they made a big mistake they go their separate ways thinking that the marriage had not been filed…therefore it wouldn't need to be annulled. However it wasn't until Meredith some years later needing a loan from her Father that she find out things are not wrapped up. She and Jason are still married after TWO years! To further add to this Jason is currently engaged. Talk about what a surprise for these two.

Kat Cantrell really knows how to give the reader an interesting and captivating story. In this book she’s spun one big mess of a situation for our characters. The story is made on a bit of a faulty foundation. For me it felt a bit continent that these two people didn’t know they were married. It’s more on an oops and just push it under the bed and it never happened. But marriage is a legal matter…will a lot of consequences. You can’t just brush it under the bed and make it go away

I liked how these two find some undiscovered attraction that will bring them together again. The characters for the most part were well developed and charming.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the story for readers, so I’ll stop here.

When all is said and done I did find "From Fake to Forever" an enjoyable, fun, humorous and sexy romantic read.

Book Blurb for From Fake to Forever

Bride: Meredith, soon-to-be co-owner, wedding dress business 

Marital Status: Victim, Vegas wedding mix-up 

Action Required: Divorce, ASAP 

After one night of tequila and sex, their impromptu Vegas wedding shouldn't be valid. But Meredith Chandler-Harris just discovered she's still tied to irresistible businessman Jason Lynhurst. She needs out of their marriage, but to become his company's new CEO, he needs her as a bride. Let the newlywed games begin.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 4.00