Cheddar Off Dead

An Undercover Dish Mystery, #2

“Cheddar Off Dead” is a great cozy mystery Christmas read! It not only gives the reader a good story but some good food too! The plot simmered around the death of a part time Santa Claus, Brad Whitefield, and an undercover chef, Lilah Drake, in Pine Haven. Our undercover chef is Lilah Drake. She is quite something else in that she had such an intriguing job. She is in the undercover dish business. She cooks for people who then take credit for the food she makes. They don’t have the talent. After delivering food to a third grade teacher, at the school, for a school party she happens to see a Santa in the parking lot. After speaking with him just minutes later she see something bad happen to Santa. Gun shots take place and she calls 911. The story takes off from here. Needless to say Lilah’s life will be put in jeopardy due to the fact that she has witness a murder and someone wants to keep her quiet.

With Lilah now under police protection we get to see how things proceed. What will happen after she teams up with her former fling, Detective Jay Parker? They try to find out who this Santa really was and who is trying to kill her. Well, that’s enough about the story. You will need to pick up this book for the full story.

I found all of the characters very engaging, well portrayed, spirited and fun. This gave me a very interesting, suspenseful and mysterious read. Oh, I don't want to leave out Lilah's dog Mick, Chocolate lab. Chocolate was just a charming pet.

This is the second book in this series. In this book detective Jay Parker and Lilah are trying to avoid each after a disastrous earlier date that took place in book one, “The Big Chill”.

I really liked how this author was able to give us a read where after you read the novel you can see that the clues were there all the time. They were just very well hidden and the author did that very well. Be ready for a yummy plot twist, deception, humor and some wonderful writing.

This novel will definitely put the reader in the mood for a Christmas holiday...especially with all of those good recipes. They will indeed make your mouth water.

If you are looking for a good mystery read I definitely recommend "Cheddar Off Dead”. The reader will get a little bit of it all from this well written cozy holiday mystery. Wow and oh my the food that was talked about was off the chart good!

Book Blurb for Cheddar Off Dead

Caterer and cook Lilah Drake is up to her elbows in deadly trouble in the latest mystery from the author of The Big Chili...

The Christmas holidays are one of Lilah’s favorite times of the year, filled with friends, family, and, of course, tons of food orders for her covered dish clients. But Lilah’s Yuletide cheer ends when she sees a most Grinch-like crime: the murder of a Santa in a school parking lot.

It turns out the deceased Kris Kringle was a complicated tangle of naughty and nice, with a long list of people who might have wanted him dead. And whoever did the deed wants to make sure that Lilah keeps quiet. Now, Lilah will have to team up with her former fling, Detective Jay Parker, to unwrap the mysteries of a deadly Christmas killer and stay alive long enough to ring in the New Year...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 5.00