Are you ready for a book that will keep your attention? "Caught" is a dramatic historical romance set in the Regency Georgian England society of 1772. You get the love story of Miss Alison Brooke and Robert Anderson, Viscount Charmaine. Alison is an heiress and Robert needs funds. But Alison's father is quite different from many romance heroine father's. He actually wants his daughter to marry for love and not money. But Robert has some competition from his good friend Marquis Anthony Farrington. Who will get the girl in this page turner?

Readers are introduced to a variety of characters including the friends and family of the main characters. Christina J Michaels does a great job of making everyone personalized and giving them unique voices. Not everyone is perfect, expect some flaws. They are interesting and likable in their own ways. The author also brings historical politics and events to life, setting the scene for the time period and the romance.

In the end the reader is presented with a well told story that is captivating and filled with questions. This is definitely one of those reads that I recommend you check out.

Book Blurb for Caught

1772. London. Scandal. Suspense. Sex.

With her perfect breeding, flawless beauty, and proper manners, Alison Brooke never expected to be smeared by the cruel brush of scandal. Robert Anderson, Viscount Charmaine, is focused on his tumbling finances and dying father. When villainy leaves the ravishing (and ravished) Alison thrown at his feet, Robert is pulled from his self-recrimination and into the heart of the Season's hottest gossip.

Marquis Anthony Farrington is one of Alison's many rejected suitors and Robert's best friend. Secretly, Anthony risks the gallows for his ongoing support of the populist movements. When Robert is given charge of the investigation against Anthony, friendships, loyalty, and ideals come into question. Alison's constant companion, the wallflower Brenda Boswell, timidly watches romance unfold. Yet, in the end, unfashionable Brenda shows herself to be a spitfire capable of saving them all.

Caught in the act, caught by scandal, caught by honor, and caught by duty, the four friends are ultimately caught by the most powerful thing of all - love.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 5.00