Cajun Devils Book 1

What a love story! This was a story that caught my interest from the very beginning and left me saying wow... that was some story!

I appreciated the warning that the author left for the readers because it was some mind blowing read however, very well presented in a way that one will not be able to forget this novel. Now, with that being said you will just have to pick up "Batiste" and read the book to find out what all this is about.

Moving on we find that this love story was about Batiste and Angeline who had been friends since childhood. With realizing that they should have been together...fate would not allow that so different paths were taken. However, the story will not end there because it seems like these twisted paths will lead them back together once again on quite an emotional roller coaster ride before there will be an HEA.

Now, be ready for a little bit of it all from such high emotions from love, fear, hurt, sadness, surprise and gratitude in the brotherhood of the Cajun Devil biker world. This author presents is so well to her readers. In the end we get a beautiful love story while exposing some ugly truths.

Book Blurb for Batiste

Angel Bellefeuille knew a lot of women might fantasize about being pursued by two men like Just Batiste and Dev Merit. But trusting in the sincerity of either one of the bad boy womanizers would be crazy ass stupid. Wouldn't it?

New York Times bestselling author, Victoria Danann, begins a new MC romance series spinning off SSMC.

Just Batiste was third generation biker, born and raised in the Lafayette Parish part of the basin. He didn't ask to be called up as president of his grandfather's club when he wasn't yet thirty. If he could choose, he'd have said he'd prefer to continue concentrating on the important things like riding bikes and women.

But it turned out that there were unexpected side effects to wearing the crown. One of them was the sudden onset of ambition. Batiste decided he could do better. Take the club in a direction that would provide for their families. In ways that didn't come with risk of jail time. If he had to, he'd drag them kicking and screaming toward the light.

He picked Brant Fornight of the SSMC as a kind of model/mentor. Brant had also been born into the life, then turned a vision of a prosperous healthy club into a reality.

The last thing Batiste needed was a woman to interfere with the mission giving his life purpose. But there she was. Distraction and frustration in the form of a mind-numbing, curvy, blue-eyed she devil who couldn't seem to decide if she was jumping his way or toward the SSMC pretty boy who was in temporary residence.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 5.00