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B-Squad, #2

“Bang” is another good story in the B Squad series. This is book two. This story is definitely an attention grabber. I do really suggest that you read B Squad # 1 “Bazen” to really understand what has happened earlier for some of these characters.

I loved this story. It’s about Tamara, Taz's ex from the first B Squad book. She is a former beauty queen. She’s been on the run from her brother in law's (Jarrod's) henchmen. In steps Isaac Camacho, private investigator/security specialist and ex-marine. In this book readers get a truly sweet love story. At the same time be ready for a fun action packed read. Avery Flynn brings out all the stops with suspense, humor, intrigue and some super sexy steamy scenes. I loved how she brought out that southern charm that Isaac seems to encompass. I also loved how she brought us a true Tamara who grows. Avery knows how to bring two very unlikely people together. But by the end you know they are perfect for each other. Readers feel that depth, heart, and passion that true people have.

As the story unfolds readers are presented with lots of questions. Will Isaac be able to protect and rescue Tamara's sixteen year old niece as well as Tamara? Through Avery’s storytelling the reader is able to easily visualize what's happening. All the aspects of this story area done well.

Readers seeking a romantic suspense will want to add this to their list as well as book one.

Book Blurb for Bang

Freelance investigator Isaac Camacho has a weakness for bitchy blondes, and no one fits the bill quite like former beauty queen and gold digger Tamara Post. She's sexy, feisty and on the run from a cult leader. Complicated women? Oh he loves them almost as much as he loves watching Tamara act like a total ice queen when he knows she burns white hot.

Calculating opportunist Tamara Post never cared what anyone thought about her--except for her sister. But when her sister dies, it's up to Tamara to hide her teenage niece so the girl's dictatorial father can't marry her off to one of his disciples. The last thing Tamara has time for is Isaac--a man who flirts as well as he fills out a pair of worn jeans and whose stubborn determination to help makes it hard to act as if she's really as cold as she appear.

When the bad guys find her, there's only one person Tamara can depend on to help keep her alive until her niece is safe. But once the life and death chase is on, it's not just their lives Tamara and Isaac are risking...but their hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2016 5.00