A Legal Affair

A Legal Affair is a contemporary romance about how two people, Elle Peyton and Raiden Kane, come together in a very interesting way. Both of these two have some kind of baggage. Ellie has a husband who vanished some years ago. They had a son that she’s now raising on her own. Raiden’s baggage is a wife whose he’s divorcing. She is now pregnant with another man's child. So both of these people are tied up in problems. It takes something special to move them into a new relationship.

After Elle and Raiden meet they find out a little about each other and things seem to be going great. But something seems off. Dark Secrets are about to come to light. Through in a dash of Elle’s father, and another dash of her husband and lots of Raiden and you have a whole explosion going on.

I found this story delightful, well written and attention grabbing. I recommend readers get this book!

Book Blurb for A Legal Affair

Elle Peyton has a successful career and a beautiful four-year-old son, what more could she want? Certainly not another man who would only abandon them at the first sign of trouble. She learned that lesson the hard way. Which makes it all the more irritating when Raiden, the ruggedly handsome new junior associate at her father's law firm, gets under her skin.

Raiden Kane may not have been looking, but Elle, the boss's daughter of all people, has definitely got his attention. With a little hard work, something he's no stranger to, Raiden manages to break through her icy interior, discovering the sensuous, vibrant woman within.

Elle sees an opportunity to move forward with her life, but Raiden's dark past threatens to leave an even bigger hole in her heart.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2016 5.00