A Holiday to Remember

"A Christmas to Remember" is by ten authors and is quite an interesting holiday read. It’s one that I thoroughly enjoyed. I will say these authors really did a wonderful job with this holiday compilation. Each author took a chapter and expanded the story.

I really liked how the authors were able to keep this story together starting from chapter 1: You Want Me to Pump What - 2: The Winding Road - 3: What Do You Do With a Princess - 4: Candy Heats Up - 5: A Hard Liquor Kind of Situation - 6: Oh No! - 7: The Morning After - 8: A Cup of Hot Chocolate and a Dose of Hot Mitch - 9: The Odds Were a Million to One - 10: Boxer or Briefs - 11: The Temperature is Hot and Rising - 12: Trouble in Paradise - 13: Rich Jerks - 14: Scrambled Eggs and Sympathy - 15: Who the Heck is Marie - 16: Past Remembered - 17: Knight in Denim Overalls - 18: Revelations - 19: The Moment of Truth - 20: It's Cold Outside - 21: No Strings Attached - 22: A Lonely Future - 23: Goodbye to What Might Have Been - 24: Men - Who Needs Them - 25: One Call Changes Everything - 26: Memory of an Angel - 27: Prepare to Grovel - 28: Forgiveness - 29: It's Always Been You - 30: Georgia On My Mind

This was a wonderfully well written story. It left me saying WOW!

We see from this book that Candy Wright now has it all. She has a great job at The Wright Way, an advertising agency and she owns a great place in Manhattan. But is she truly happy? With a plan to visit a college roommate during the Christmas Holiday Candy ends up in one of the worst Georgia storms and a man enters the scene.

Well this is the part where I will stop and say you must get this read and see what all Candy will go through to finally get the happiness she had wanted from childhood. I found the characters very well developed, colorful and so likable. They made this a very charming read. I know it is somewhat different in that you have so many authors writing it. But they did a great job of coming together to share their thoughts. It flows so smoothly from one chapter to the next. I thought is was an amazing read. All I am left to say is that you must pick this one up and see for yourself how good a read the story really is. This only leaves me to say that 'Yes' I recommend this read.

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Book Blurb for A Holiday to Remember

A book of unique, holiday stories from the authors at The Roses of Prose.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00