A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft

The Pinecraft Brides, #4

A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft is a beautifully well written and enchanting Amish / Mennonite romance. I found this novel even more interesting because it turned into three stories. The main story ties all of the stories together.

I loved how the author presents us with Beverly who manages the Orange Blossom Inn in Pinecraft, Florida. There has been a robbery where now she must call Eric the owner and tell him of this situation. It seems like since Eric had met Beverly some time ago he had feelings for her, so he leaves Pennsylvania and moves to Pinecraft. Will this bring him closer to Beverly? What secrets did Eric have that may destroy any feelings Beverly may have for him? Will these two people be able to find common ground and love? Will there be any good from all of the unexpected obstacles that are put in front of them? So many questions that readers get to unravel. Where there is forgiveness, mercy, happiness and good will to all men there has to be a good solution. Right! Well, this is a romantic Christmas novel so what will happen after the robbery at the inn? Love of course…with some obstacles in the way.

Be ready for a read that will give you humor and tears. You might also find yourself cheering your favorite character on as you will see such fear, faith, love, devotion, redemption and second chances. The main questions are, will Beverly be able to face her fears and move on after the robbery? Beverly has gone to a lot when it looks like she may even love again. Will her faith be put to the test? How will this Amish community react to a marriage between Beverly and Eric? Now, to get all of those questions answered and much more you will just have to pick up this fantastic Christmas novel to see just how much it will capture and warm your heart.

What I extremely liked about this novel was how this author was able to bring out the realization of how there were young people going hungry in the town of Pinecraft and that solution to the person who had robbed and vandalized Beverly property was also wonderfully presented.

Book Blurb for A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft

Beloved bestselling author Shelley Shepard Gray concludes her Amish Brides of Pinecraft series with a story of forgiveness and trusting your heart...just in time for Christmas.

When Beverly Overholt’s beloved Orange Blossom Inn is broken into, she’s shaken to her core. After all, the inn has been her whole life since her fiancé left her for her best friend. In the face of repairing what’s been lost, Beverly calls Eric Wagler, the inn’s handsome owner. To her surprise, he promises to be on the next flight out to Sarasota. Beverly’s been closed off to love for years, but with Eric, she can’t help seeing a glimmer of hope—even if they’re from different worlds.

From the moment Eric met Beverly, he’s tried to fight his attraction to her. Though now Mennonite, Beverly was raised Amish, but Eric grew up in Philadelphia and got into his fair share of trouble as a young man. Though he’s worked to overcome his earlier mistakes, with Beverly’s security scare, Eric’s sure she’s not going to want anything more to do with him. And considering how he might just want a future with her…that’s a tough pill to swallow.

But as Beverly and Eric put the inn back together, prepare for Christmas, and even witness a new love blossoming for another couple, the trust…and love…between them grows. Will Christmas bring a second chance at love for Beverly? And if it does, will she be brave enough to take it?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 5.00