Wound Up

Sector Guard #23

Some background first, as a child Neva was in three accidents that left her with the ability to only move her head and hands. However, she was chosen as a volunteer in the Alliance because she had the ability to sew things without really moving her hands. Neva was taken into the Alliance where they implanted hooks into her fingers. She can also change thread from regular thread to wire and add explosions to it too. Neva was asked to join Sector Guard but she said no and became a weaver instead. During this time a Sector Guard man named Archer was going to be her mate but she turned away from him because she thought it was not the right time for them to mate.

Neva took a weaving job on an alien planet to teach the people there and to allow Citadel training students to take a weaving class there. While she checked out they would react to stressful situations. Unbeknown to people, Raiders have come to the planet to take her and her students away and sell them into slavery. She and her students waited out the Raiders in a cave system while waiting to be rescued. Guess who comes to rescue them? Archer of course and he is happy to see Neva again. He cannot understand why Neva keeps turning him down as her mate and this is brought to a head when they land at a station. The Sewing Guild tells Neva she has to work with the Sector Guard, and become one of them, to help them find missing people who were taken from the planet she was on by the Raiders. Archer and her rescue the people after they are told by a Sector Guard commander to become a team. Neva is given the call sign of Winder.

This is another great book in this series. Pick-up a Sector Guard title for a fun read.

Book Blurb for Wound Up

Neva had to face her insecurities and her new partner at the same time. What chance does her resolve have when Archer’s very presence has her wound up?

Escaping through her workshop tunnel, Neva is less than impressed to find that her proposed partner was the one sent to rescue her and the Citadel staff.

She has managed to dodge her offered position in the Sector Guard for over two years and when Archer comes to save her, she knows that her time to think about it is over.

Archer is bewildered that a woman like Neva keeps turning him down. He’s ridiculously handsome, has an impressive talent and is a charming conversationalist. What more could a woman want?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25