Wizard's Thief

Callie has gone to The Warren, wizards' home, to look for and steal an amethyst gem. She is told the gem will give great magic power to the person who possesses it. Unknown to Callie, it is a binding stone that grants a wizard power as long as he has a compatible female to give the power to him. Callie was able to lay a hand on the stone but had to hide in the room where the stone is stored when three men came. She is really attractive to one of the men, Raine. Raine is a wizard who was bound to a female name Sasha who hated being bound to Raine so much that she killed herself and blamed Raine for killing her. Callie has not had a good life either; her father used to beat her until she got hooked up with a thief gang. The thieves' leader beats her when she cannot do a job right. Can these two broken people come together in love or will they both shatter?

Wizard's Thief is an erotic, entertaining tale! This book is a real page-turner that weaves a story that keeps you reading until the very end. You just have to find out how the story turns out for Callie and Raine.

Book Blurb for Wizard's Thief

When Callie is sent into the wizarding stronghold to steal the wizard's binding stone, she enters a world she doesn't understand. Stumbling into the arms of Raine, she learns that she is his connection to a powerful magic and is bound to him for life.

Raine, once the most powerful of the Warren's wizards, lost his magic years ago. He must learn to trust Callie, not only with the secrets of the Warren, but with his heart. Each passing moment makes the flare of passion between them burn higher as the control over his magic returns.

When an old enemy threatens a member of the Warren, Raine must overcome his fears and trust Callie not only to save a friend, but to return the love he wants to give.

Reader Advisory: Contains light female/female touching.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00