What a Lass Wants

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What a Lass Wants

A Claimed By the Highlander Novel, #4

This is the first time I read any of Rowan Keats’ “A Claimed by the Highlander Novel” book and I found What A Lass Wants to have some major problems: a relationship that seems weird, writing flow problems, and a lack of suspense in the action scenes.

First of all, unlike previous books in this series this story doesn’t star a member of the MacCurran family, instead it is the story of a highborn lady who is the cousin to the Queen of Scotland and a thief who is on run from the MacCurran family! The lady and the thief fall in love with each other in the book. However, I had a hard time believing that a relationship between a highborn lady and thief could ever be, in the time period of this story, late 1300’s; especially when it concerns a member of a royal family!

Next, this story flows really slowly from the beginning till the end, even during the major battle scenes where the action should have picked up speed a more like in other books yet that did not happen either. The action scenes themselves were not filled with suspense because you knew to yourself that the thief would finally win the day by doing something that would give him the win. Yet, you cannot blame the flow problem due to grammar errors. I did not notice any type of errors in this book. As for the love scenes in this book, they were slow going too and they were not that graphic compared to other romance novels.

Finally, I have no urge to go out and find more books in this series so I can finally figure out who the MacCurrans’ were and their place in Scottish history.

Can a royal lady fall in love with a common thief and marry him? Read this book to find out if this could have happen in history.

Book Blurb for What a Lass Wants

From Rowan Keats--author of To Kiss a Kilted Warrior, When a Laird Takes a Lady, and Taming a Wild Scot--comes the newest entry in the Claimed by the Highlander novels...

In the Highlands of Scotland, danger and desire can be found anywhere—but finding them may lead to something much more perilous and passionate than anyone can handle.

Lady-in-waiting Caitrina de Montfort is in a terrible bind. With her sister held captive by a henchman of Edward Longshanks, she has been forced to spy on the dowager queen of Scotland. But the resourceful young noblewoman has a plan to set her sister free—until the arrival of a charming but steely-eyed courtier ruins everything.

Bran MacLean has made his living by his wits for most of his life. After stealing a valuable treasure, he evades pursuit by donning a disguise and joining the queen's retinue. All goes well until the lovely Caitrina pilfers his loot and demands his aid in rescuing her sister. But their enemy is ruthless—and they soon find themselves facing a desperate choice between love and survival...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 2.50