Vampire's Captive

Sierra is going to be married to her second groom but the guy doesn’t show up. The man who shows up for the wedding is Brett, her first husband. Brett is a vampire and Sierra is human. He has come back into her life so he can spend the rest of her lifespan with him. However, he divorced her when he saw fear and loathing in her eyes when she found out he was a vampire. But now he does not think she is fearful of him and she might take him back. Will Sierra take him back?
This was a good short romance story at 38 pages. Being that this is a short you do have a fully drawn out story here. You can understand the interaction that happens between the two characters.

Book Blurb for Vampire's Captive

It’s Sierra Wolfe’s second time around wedding day but the groom failed to show up. Dejected, she strolls out onto the old Carnival Pier only to find her ex-husband following her. He wants to console her but can a vampire who has made one mistake, prevent himself from making another?
Brett Wolfe divorced Sierra in the hope she would be happier with a mortal man. Watching a melancholy Sierra in her wispy wedding gown on the pier, he regrets his decision and wants her back...
But can old circumstances be made new between a vampire and his captive heart?


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00