Up Close and Dangerously Sexy

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Up Close and Dangerously Sexy

Undercover Lovers (second)

Callie, a CIA operative, has been involved in a hit and run accident. She lies in a hospital room. The CIA needs Allie, Callie’s twin sister, to pose as Callie’s undercover personality Gina to make an arms deal so they can catch the “Ghost”. “Ghost” is on the top wanted list of the CIA as a big-time arms dealer. For Allie to pose as Gina: she needs to be able to adopt the personality, learn some martial arts so she can save herself if she needs too. Her trainer, and leader of the team, is named Drew. Allie and Drew have an instant attraction to each other and it is so hot that within minutes of meeting each other Drew gave Allie an orgasm. Will Callie and Drew continue to develop a relationship while under extreme circumstances?
The author blends and weaves a fascinating tale. These characters have minds of their own. 

Book Blurb for Up Close and Dangerously Sexy

With one of his top operatives out of commission, undercover agent Drew Miller will enlist the assistance of interior designer Allie Carpenter-who will pose as her twin sister in order to bring down an arms dealer. Drew is granted clearance to bring Allie in by any means necessary…

Their mission, should they accept it, is complete deception.and absolute temptation!


Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.25