Turning Ash


Ashling (Ash) is a psychic vampire who feeds on people’s energy at night while she is sleeping. While on the Internet because she is the lonely, she meets another vampire, Devlin, and they decide to meet at a diner. All hell breaks loose at the diner as a hunter comes in to destroy both Ash and Devlin. Devlin kills the hunter and now the other hunters want him and Ash. Ash is also left wondering what kind of vampire Devlin is.

Turning Ash is a wonderful paranormal story with a romantic twist. It also has some interesting depth and is well visualized.


Book Blurb for Turning Ash

# of pages or word count: 263 pages

Genre: Paranormal vampire dark fantasy erotic romance

Heat rating: 3 Novas

After a year of talking, Ashling is finally going to meet Devlin in person. Devilishly handsome, he's haunted her dreams ever since she saw his picture. However, their first meeting doesn't go as planned. Nearly killed by a vampire hunter, Ashling is pulled into a dark world she never thought existed. One where vampires are real.

Devlin isn't the man he purports to be and Markus, his sire, has another agenda for Ashling. On the run from the hunters, she finds herself in a new city and a die-hard attraction to Markus that she can't shake. Trying to blend in and forget about vampires, she's dragged back into their blood soaked world. And then the hunters find her once more.

Will Devlin come to her rescue? Will Markus reveal his true intentions? Or will the hunters get what they really came for?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 3.00