Thirty-Nine Again

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Thirty-Nine Again

Sabrina has had cancer of the breast and she got better. Her office mates wanted her to go to the bar to celebrate her thirty-nine birthday again but she said she had to meet her personal trainer named Evan. Sabrina and Evan meet up and go running. Sabrina kisses Evan. Evan turns around and kisses her and she runs away. She goes back to her apartment she shares with her boyfriend Scott who works for Homeland Security who’s away in Mexico. Someone breaks into the apartment and tries to steal her boyfriend’s laptop and tries to kill her. Evan comes and shoots the guy and kidnaps Sabrina. Who is Evan? Who does he work with?

Mrs. Reynolds has created a contemporary romance full of excitement and suspense. You will be rooting for Sabrina and Evan until the very end.

Book Blurb for Thirty-Nine Again

A "Chick Noir" novel from award-winning author Lynn Reynolds.

So what's Chick Noir? It's like chick lit, but with guns and dead bodies instead of shoes.

A portion of author royalties from the sale of Thirty-Nine Again will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and to the Foundation for Women's Cancer.

On her first thirty-ninth birthday, Sabrina O’Hara battled cancer. This year, she discovers her fiancé Scott’s leading a treacherous double life. Now she’s on the run – from Scott, from the Mexican Mafia, and from one dangerously sexy Homeland Security Agent. Thirty-nine the first time was horrible. But can Sabrina survive Thirty-Nine Again?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.75