The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women

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The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women

How to Become Orgasmic for a Lifetime

The author talks about how women use different ways to have orgasms: clitoris, vaginal, anal, and by just using your mind to have them. She also writes that that every woman has various degrees of orgasms: small, medium, and mind blowing. However, she says that most women have a societal taboo against having them; that we still have the mindset that we should not enjoy sex and definitely not have orgasms unless we are with the opposite sex. The author says we should talk about the enjoyment of orgasms and learn how to enjoy them over a lifetime with are partners be they of the opposite sex or same sex partners.

The author also writes that she has different sex partners over the years and not had the same orgasms experience with other people. You will learn with someone new they give you different degrees of orgasm. She also states you need to feel safe with the person you are having sex with so you can let your mind drift and just feel the way your body builds up into an orgasm. The author writes a chapter on how to be penetrated and the finding the G-spot. The book concludes with a chapter on why we need orgasms.

The author writes this book in the scientific method. She states the problem (how to have orgasms) and gives you definitions on orgasm (what it is and the ways you feel them). The author gives you some solutions to the problem of not having them (masturbation, using toys, and having a safe relationship with your partner). You can read the whole book or read just some of the chapters.

This is an interesting and informative book.

Book Blurb for The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women

Owning our desires should be neither embarrassing nor uncomfortable. Nor should they be subject to anyone else's moral judgment of what is right or wrong, good or bad, normal or abnormal. Combining communication and information is the key. By shrugging off the taboos against talking about our preferences and experiences when we're being sexual, we will take the first and most important steps toward ensuring our own fulfillment. The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women is an unflinchingly honest, responsible, and thoroughly comprehensive exploration of female sexuality. Topics include: The physical types of orgasm, such as electrical, flying, pounding, deep, waves, and blips; orgasm as an emotional release; the "elusive orgasm" and why some women have difficulty having one; how often we fake them and why; masturbation; multiple orgasms; the male-female dichotomy; penetration and the G-spot; defining the erotic; and the joy of sex toys.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.50