The Seven Swords

Otherworld Chronicles #2

The Seven Swords grabbed my attention at the beginning of this story; however, it got monotonous in the middle with all the emotionally intense and colorful fighting sequences that occurred one after each other. Also unlike the first book, the main characters did not have any free time to themselves where they could explore the new environments they venture into in Otherworld or on the Earth side. This book does have some twists and turns to keep the story interesting, but they leave you with more questions than answers including a major plot point that was talked about throughout it!

There is also more information on the use of cloning that was first talked about in the first book where the author gave one of his characters a grizzly scene that when I first read it reminded me of a scene from the movie Aliens. In addition to that grizzly scene, there are some creepy creatures (bloody mice is just one of them) that might frighten young children.

As for the mechanics of this book I did not notice any grammar errors that stood out except for the use of one word in the story that might have the reader reaching for a dictionary to look up the word: whirligig.

My final thoughts on this book is that a librarian would probably put the author’s first book, The Invisible Tower in the middle grade section of the library while putting this one into the Teen section next to the Twilight books and the Vampire Diaries books. They just aren’t really for the same age group.

In this book Artie and his friends are back along with the wizard Merlin. Artie has a bigger job than last time; he must find seven legendary swords in seven days to open the portals between Earth and Otherworld or never be crowned King. However, he cannot forget his friend Quon, who is still missing, and that the sorceress Morgaine still has the blade that goes to Excalibur. Strap yourself in because this is going to be a bumpy ride!

Special Notes:

This is not a standalone book; the author left the ending open with questions left unanswered.

Book Blurb for The Seven Swords

The thrilling, action-packed sequel to The Invisible Tower, which School Library Journal called "a surefire hit with the legions of Rick Riordan fans."

Spending the summer fighting dragons, rescuing wizards, and leaping through portals into the Otherworld was just the start of Artie Kingfisher's quest to claim his throne as King Arthur reborn. Now, Artie and his sister, Kay, must gather a team of knights to recover the legendary Seven Swords—or face defeat at the hands of the evil Lordess Morgaine.

The Seven Swords is filled with epic battles, unexpected enemies, and life-changing adventures. Rich in mythology and bursting with twenty-first-century fun, this high-spirited spin on Arthurian legend is perfect for middle grade fans of Percy Jackson, the Alex Rider Chronicles, and House of Secrets.

Age Range: 8 - 12 years

Grade Level: 3 - 7

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.00