The Ornament

Kaylee has been dreaming for over a year about a vampire that makes love to her every night in her dreams. Her friend Laura thinks she needs to stop dreaming about this impossible to get man and find a real one. Kaylee disagrees and ends up getting up from a lunch table at the mall and walks to a store that has antique Christmas ornaments. One of the ornaments calls to her and she goes into the store to buys it. Kaylee picks up the ornament and drops it due to the owner of the store coming out of the backroom. Luckily the ornament was incased in a plastic bubble case and she was able to catch it with her hands. Kaylee says she will buy it but the store owner will not let her keep it without fixing it. She can come back tomorrow to pick it up if she still wants it.

When Kaylee gets home she is in for a real surprise. Her vampire lies dying from not drinking any blood. Gregori cannot believe his Kaylee is alive and not dead. With the luck of a Taser Kylee is able to get a vampire slayer. What is in store for them next?

Tianna Xander has written a great story that I wish was longer than it is at this time. I would love to read more of the relationship between the main characters. I wish she would continue with the storyline and tell us what happens with the leader of the vampires and other vampires. This is a keeper.

Book Blurb for The Ornament

When Kylee breaks an antique ornament she found in a specialty store, she doesn't expect to find herself flung into another reality.

After dreaming of the same man night after night, Kaylee realizes she's fallen in love.with a vampire. Too bad he only exists in her imagination. After a trip to the mall and a strange ornament shop, Kaylee finds herself back home, only it's not quite the same. The man on her couch who looks dead can talk into her mind and he insists she's the one who isn't supposed to be alive.

After a year of living without his beloved mate, Gregori decides to end his life. Too bad he picked the wrong night. After thieves break into his beloved mate's home, he finds what can only be a Christmas miracle in the form of his mate, alive and well and as snarky as ever. Given a second chance, Gregori sets out to convince Kaylee that her place is at his side.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.25