The Lady and the Libertine

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The Lady and the Libertine

Karida, an illegitimate bastard who was born in England, is standing in Khamsin oasis being watched by an English lord Thomas (Nigel). He is watching her because she carries a ruby, that part of treasure map, around her neck. Nigel thinks Karida is an angel whom he longs to touch. However, he thinks to himself he can never touch her because he is a thief and murderer. Nigel wants the ruby to find the treasure of the golden mummies so he can have enough money to go back to England and be the rightful Lord Claredon that is being held by his brother Thomas. Nigel steals the ruby from Karida and goes back to England portraying himself as Thomas. Karida finds out that Nigel has stolen the ruby and goes to England to get it back. Both Nigel and Kerida go through a lot of turmoil. Will they survive?
The author blends and weaves a suspenseful, romantic tale. The characters are intelligent who have passionate depth to them. The story is told from both viewpoints and should keep you reading until the end. 

Book Blurb for The Lady and the Libertine

A handsome English earl desires to seduce a virginal beauty in order to steal the vast treasure she guards in Egypt.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 3.50