The Genie's Curse

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The Genie's Curse

Aggie thinks Dillon is sexy and would like to date him but he is her best friend. Taking a walk outside of her house one night, she bumps into a metal can. Aggie rubs the can and out pops a genie that can do wishes that will misfire. Aggie wishes to be in Dillon's arms and poof she turns into a dog and ends up in Dillon's arms. Can the genie change Aggie back into a human and get these two together?

The Genie's Curse is an entertaining story that will have you laughing until the last page.

Book Blurb for The Genie's Curse

Agnes Frump has spent every moment of her thirty-one years outrunning her horrendous moniker. But push-up bras and hip music producing jobs can’t undo her orphan Annie red hair and Alfalfa freckles—nor can they make her best friend, Dillon McKenzie see her as anything but his buddy.

A midnight walk, a fateful fall, the discovery of a magic lamp, and Aggie's priorities shift. In her efforts to help Ebony, the kitten-genie and undo the curse of Aladdin’s lamp, she makes a fateful mistake—an inadvertent, “I wish I was in Dillon’s arms,” and Aggie wakes up in his arms, all right—as a stray dog.

Will Aggie and her genie figure out how to undo a wish gone wrong, or is she doomed to a life of Milk Bones, flea baths and loving Dillon from the foot of her doggy bed?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00