The Forgotten

Gargoyles, #3

Nia Foxx has created a tale that is so hot it’s off the scale! The erotic scenes are few and far between in the story, but when they take place all calm and cool thoughts are off! The plot also kept me reading to find out when and where the hero, Jean, and heroine, Emma, were going to meet again. The succubus and her evil attentions to go after the child they created together added some delicious tension to the story. It kept me rooting for the hero, the heroine, and his friends to foil the foul actions. I especially like one of Jean’s friends Max; he is hilarious and helps keep the story moving along.


Emma spent one night of lovemaking with Jean that resulted in her getting pregnant by him. However, she never told Jean that she had a child with him. Fourteen years later Emma was told by her doctor that her son had some abnormalities in his system. At her wits end she decides to find Jean and ask him about his DNA. Emma finds Jean and finds out that he has been looking for her all these years because Jean thinks Emma is his mate. After another night of lovemaking Emma runs away from him again. Can Emma stop running and find out what is going on with her son?

Book Blurb for The Forgotten

She was the one he couldn’t afford to let get away. But for years Jean De La Rue tried his best to forget the woman whose memory imprinted itself on his very soul. It might be madness but his need was too great to deny forever. He had to have her back.

What happened in the past should remain in the past…or not. Emma Duncan tried not to think about the man she met fourteen years ago because it only ended in her wanting a repeat performance of the naughty things he’d done to her, preferably all night long. But her libido would have to take a backseat to the questions she needed answers to. Her son’s life depended on it.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.50