The Echoes of Love

A Story of Secrets, Tragedy and Haunting Love in Venice

The author has written a stand alone contemporary romance on a grandiose scale: each chapter has 32 pages or more, with epic descriptions of Venice, Italy and the Tuscany landscape; including descriptions of interiors of places, and of famous outdoor sites in Venice. There are also descriptions of plates of food, described down to every single item on it or exactly what each of the main characters ate at lunch and dinner. It takes a while to get to the end of the book due to such long descriptions of everything. After reading the book you feel like you've just toured Italy without having to pay for the plane ticket, and hotel! There is a déjà vu moment between the main characters of the story when they first meet but they realize they have never met before. The characters are realistically written and there is also a believable chemistry between them in the book.

Venetia has been so badly hurt by a man in her past that it has made her wary of trusting men. When she meets an Italian charmer named Paolo for the first time, she rebuffs him. Yet, fate keeps putting these together again and again in Venice including their bumping into each other when they are walking, having a coffee break at an outdoor café, and other places. This leaves you wondering about a question: will Paolo change Venetia’s mind about not getting involved with men or will she still rebuff him?

Book Blurb for The Echoes of Love

Set in the romantic and mysterious city of Venice and the beautiful landscape of Tuscany, "The Echoes of Live" is a touching love story that unfolds at the turn of the new millennium. It is a tale of a lost love and betrayal, unleashed passion and learning to love again -- and a terrible truth that will change the lives of two strangers forever.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.00