The Collettes: Willa

Book 3

This is the 3rd part of a trilogy so to get the whole story of what is going on you should read the first and second book in the trilogy. Willa has been hurt in battles that happened in story two and while in pain she is contacted by her mate Tyson. This is news to Willa since she did not think she had a mate yet. Tyson tells her to come find him. She escapes from her two sisters and sets out alone to find Tyson. She finds him in a mansion in Connecticut. Tyson has the gift of telepathy and that is how he was to contact Willa. He was human at first but Willa changed him into a vampire Now Willa shares his gift of telepathy. They start the final battle with Carthos, an evil vampire who wants to take over the world, and who knows who will win it.
This story has interesting characters, storylines. You get an action packed book with betrayal, erotica, jokes, and action scenes. This is a great series to purchase as a set.

Book Blurb for The Collettes: Willa

The saga of The Collette sisters comes to a close with this thrilling third installment! The final battles draws near.

Betrayed by the one person they thought they could trust, Willa Collette had to fight for her life as she and her family fled the one place they could call home. To protect her sisters, she leaves them behind in search of her piece of the Lazarus amulet and her mate who has called her from another plane.

Tyson Finn is now her eternal love and together they travel to New Mexico to complete their destiny. In ten days the final battle will be fought for the fate of mankind. The vampire sisters and the allies that have joined their quest will travel to the lair of Carthos, where the balance might shift and forever change the world.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 3.75