The Broken Dragon

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The Broken Dragon

Children of the Dragon Nimbus #2

The author has created the second tale in 'The Children of the Dragon Nimbus' story line. However, this is the eleventh book in the 'Dragon Nimbus' storyline that was first started in 1994. As I have never read the previous ten books in the series I got very confused on two things:

First, why does a sinister rogue mage want revenge on a group of innocent people that includes a king, princes, a princess, mages and sorceresses? However, as I continued to read I learned that the other people almost destroyed the coven of dark mages and witches he belonged to.

The next thing that confused me about this tale has to do with the multiple subplots that are happening at the same time around the different parts of the background world the author has created for this book. I had such hard time figuring out who was who, what they were trying to accomplish, and where they were in the world since the background world was so vast. I finally had to write down on a piece of paper where every character was at a given moment and kept updating it as I continued to read!

There are some pros to this story such as the character that grabbed my attention from the beginning of this tale was. That was the rogue mage because he’s one of the scariest villains I have ever read in a story due to fact he had no compunction when it came to killing innocent beings to get his revenge.

There were also some thrilling action scenes that kept me going until the very end of the book.

The kingdom of Coronnan is under siege again by a foreign country and a rogue mage! They want to destroy the country and take control of the dragons so that only a select few can control magic. Can Master Magician Jaylor rally his forces in time to save the country and his own family?

Book Blurb for The Broken Dragon

Glenndon, raised by the witchwoman Brevvelan and Jaylor, Senior Magician and Chencellor of the University of Magicians, has now been established as the son of King Darville and heir to the throne of Coronnan. But there is still much unrest within the realm. Both old and new enemies are plotting to overhrow the king and seize control of Coronnan and dragon magic.

Even as attacks come from unexpected sources, Jaylor is forced to send his twin daughters on their journeymen missions, escorting two noble ladies to their far-distant homes. Though Lillian and Valeria have never felt complete without one another, they will soon have to travel separate pathways to see their ladies home. Lily is robust and has an affinity with plants and their healing properties but no recognized magical ability. Val has an unmatchable talent and like Glenndon the imagination to work magic in unusual ways. But using magic costs the spell-thrower physically and Val is frail; she needs to find solutions to porblems without drawing too heavily on her talent.

Caught in a vast spell-created storm that spreads chaos from the heart of Coronnan City to the caravans the girls are traveling with, can all the scattered children of Jaylor and Brevelan find the means to save both the kingdom and their family?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.00