Wade and Taryn

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Wade and Taryn

Taryn owns a winery. She needs to drum up some more business for the winery so she decides to go see the owner of the Wulf’s Den’s, Beowulf. While there she meets Beowulf’s brother Wade. Wade is werewolf who believes Taryn is his mate because she started the mating process in him. Taryn has a problem with Wade because he likes to dominate the relationship and she gets so terrified when he does it. She gets horrified due to an old boyfriend beat her up. Can Wade show Taryn there is nothing wrong being with a dominate man? 
This is a sequel to “Beowulf & Roxie” which is a great book just like this one. The story is a page turner that keeps you reading till the very end. It has an interesting storyline with likable characters who keep the story lively.

Book Blurb for Wade and Taryn

Having inherited her uncle’s winery, Taryn Davies goes to Wulf’s Den, hoping to sell her wines to Beowulf, the owner. While there, she meets Wade, Beowulf’s brother. Even though she is instantly attracted to him, her past makes it hard for her to accept his advances.

Catching a whiff of Taryn’s lingering scent inside Wulf’s Den, Wade is determined to make her his. But when their first meeting doesn’t go as he would have liked, Wade follows Taryn to her winery, The Pines.

As Wade tries to win Taryn over, he has to find a way to explain that he is a werewolf. Little does he know another of his kind has Taryn in his sights, one who wants to hurt her.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released by another publisher under a different title but has been re-edited and revised for Loose Id.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00