Tar's Challenge

The Chosen (#2)

Targitaus (AKA Tar) is a Spenta warrior. Spenta warriors are gods created by a higher god to fight an all-consuming evil whose warriors are known as Mainyas; I think. Since this the first book I have read in this series this is a guess from the information I have gleaned from the book. Back to the tale, Tar has been waiting forever to find the one woman who is his mate and the bearer of his children. He has been married to human females before and has felt sadness for their death. The last human woman he married had a lover who used dark magic on her. Tar was glad his wife found another person to love since he could not love her properly anymore because he does not feel anything. However, when he catches sight of a newswoman, Dahlia, on the television he feels attracted to her and wonders how this is possible. However, he has to tread carefully with her since she is guarded by a powerful mage who has lived for a long time. Tar sets up an interview with Dahlia so she can interview him for her show and when they meet for the first time it causes fireworks in both of them. Dahlia is happy because when people see the interview it will sparkle since you can see the sexual tension between the two of them. Can Dahlia be the woman he has longed to find?

The author has created a wonderful tale and like with many book I’m wishing for more! I hope there are more to come in this storyline. A Great Find!

Book Blurb for Tar's Challenge

For months, Targitaus has lusted for Dahlia from afar, not daring to get close. He can't drag an innocent into the murky intelligence war he's engaged in, one filled with dangers he doesn't yet understand.

But Dahlia isn't just any human woman. Protected by a centuries old mage, Dahlia can handle an ancient Spentas warrior just fine. Tar finds himself wanting to tear her away from the irritating mage and lock her in his fortress on the Russian Steppes. But he's going to have to work for it.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 5.00