Taming the Princess

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Taming the Princess

From the Sea Series, Book Two

Gillian is a spoiled princess who has seen many suitors for her hand but she still refuses to pick one. Her father, The King, demands that she find a suitor tomorrow or he will wed her to a beggar or vagabond who comes to the door to ask for her hand. The following day, she refuses all the suitors again. The very next day the first man to ask for her hand is a poor fisherman named Padraig. They are soon married and Padraig takes his new wife home to the island he lives on with his animals. After coming home, Padraig makes Gillian brush down the horse who pulled them home in a wagon and feed the rest of the animals. Gillian does not like this and her shoes are ruined. Padraig and she soon have a fight hitting each other but they go bed in the one bed that is in the hut. However, Gillian and Padraig start to get along and he takes her to the market so she can sell some plates he bought for her. She sells the plates and at the following market days she tries to sell some more but a man on a white horse broke her plates because she would not give him a kiss. Padraig is not mad at her and this goes on for a while and Padraig has a surprise for Gillian at the end.

The author has woven a classic fairy tale but has updated it some for today standards. She keeps you interested in the story until the very end. I did not think I would like the main female character but she changes by the end.

Book Blurb for Taming the Princess

CATEGORY: Historical Romance
ELEMENTS: Adult situations and strong sexual content.
LENGTH: Novella

Exasperated by his spoiled, arrogant daughter, Gillian, and her refusal to pick a husband from all the noblemen who plead for her hand, King Darragh decrees she must marry the very next man who comes to the castle. Princess Gillian finds herself married to Padruig Tierran, a lowly fisherman from a distant land. After a hasty marriage, she is whisked away to his fisherman’s croft, where she must learn to cook and clean, none of which she’s successful at. But Padruig has many lessons to teach his new wife and Gillian proves to be an avid pupil. 

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.25