Tale of the Dragon

*Note: there is a rape in this story.*

This tale takes place in a world where there are knights, maidens, kings, dragons, and dragon riders. A princess, Lyra, has been meeting with a dragon named Maldovaar since she was a small child. The dragon found her cave when he was looking for a place to live. They have become friends and she brings him food to eat from her father's castle. This goes on for many years between the two. However, when Lyra grows up she has to separate from her dragon and marry a duke for the good of the kingdom. Before her marriage can take place she meets a boy named Derek and becomes friends with him. Derek leaves her because his father's servant comes and takes him away. Lyra is very attracted to the servant and later that night the servant rapes her while she is sleeping. Lyra decides to run away when she realizes the man who just raped her is also the duke she is supposed to marry.

Lyra moves in with Maldovaar and want to have a happy life with him except she does not know that Derek has followed her to the cave until he shows up there at the cave. The Duke finds his son missing and comes looking for him. He finds Lyra with the boy and decides to stay with since he is a dragon rider and they are taking care of baby dragon. The duke and his son go back to Lyra's father, the king, and gets food for them. The duke decides to romance his new wife since her father married them in proxy with Lyra being absent. Lyra falls in love with the Duke and they go back to her father's kingdom.

The author has created a story where a woman is raped while she sleeps and then later falls in love with the man. I do not think this would happen in life because this relationship is weird. The other characters in book are nice and some of them are funny like Maldovaar.

Book Blurb for Tale of the Dragon

When Princess Lyra needs to escape castle life, she hides away in a cave shared with her strapping dragon, Maldovaar, who is nest-sitting an unusual egg. Then her father marries her to a stranger, the Duke of Krytan-a match to benefit the kingdom. Krytan soon discovers Lyra's hidden lair-and all of her secrets. Her body can't resist his sexual allure even as her rebellious spirit battles assumed expectations.

As they share passionate caresses, Lyra's sensuality demands more of Krytan than he ever planned to give.

Publisher's Note: Previously released in the Enter the Dragon anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 2.75